Why go on a Mediterranean Sailing Holiday

A sailing holiday is the only way to get away from the crowds and discover the hidden beauty and charm of these countries. There’s such a variety of anchorages from secret coves to wide sheltered bays, from pretty fishing villages to modern marinas. Thinking of going sailing anytime soon?


The Mediterranean is a classic sailing getaway and it is the perfect destination for sailing holiday. Spreading across roughly 970,000 square miles, the Mediterranean is the seventh-largest body of water on earth. The Mediterranean maintains an average depth of about 4,900 feet.

However, there are areas off the coast of Greece that measures over 16,000 feet. The sea water is significantly saltier than the neighboring Atlantic Ocean. The warm and relatively dry climate, which causes accelerated evaporation is to blame for the increase in salt.


The Mediterranean has quite a few active and dormant volcanos, the greatest concentration of is found in southern Italy, specifically the island of Sicily. The Mediterranean Sea is distinctly divided into 4 main waterbodies: Adriatic Sea Sailing Area – Ionian Sea Sailing Area – Tyrrhenian Sea Sailing Area – Yacht Charters Aegean Sea.

What to Expect From your Sailing Holiday

Sailing in the Mediterranean is a wonderful experience, and for much of the year, the conditions are great for sailing, particularly in the peak season in August when the weather is usually at its best and the seas are generally calmest. However, there will be a trade-off if you are traveling on a budget, and June and September can offer lower prices, but you may not get quite as much good weather. It is also worth noting that there are some exposed areas of the ocean in the Mediterranean, and when the weather turns, those seas can be a little more challenging.

Enjoy the Climate & Weather in Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean Sea offers an average of 315 clear, cloudless days per year. The prime time to sail the Mediterranean is during the high season. The high season spans from April to October. The climate is known for hot, dry summers and cool, mild winters. The rainy season is during the winter months. Depending on where you wish to sail in the Mediterranean, you could encounter temperatures from 30- 60°F during the winter. The warmest summer months average about 72°F degrees. The water temperature averages 62°F (17°C) in the winter and about 78°F (26°C) in the summer.

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